10 Blogs Every Marketing Leader Should Read on Their Commute


As the relationships between agencies, media owners and brands become increasingly complex, the role of marketing leaders is changing. In fact, a recent Marketing Week study found that a mixture of strategic thinking, relationship building and people management are amongst the most important skills for marketing leaders.

The traditional catalogue of marketing blogs, therefore, is no longer sufficient for the modern-day marketing leader. Instead, their bookmarks must include a flurry of blogs covering strategic thinking, people management, problem solving, adaptability and much more. They must, of course, also include blogs providing tactical insights on marketing channels, such as social media and search.

In this article, we’ll be sharing a selection of must read blogs for marketing directors, managers and executives. Simply bookmark these blogs and catch-up on the latest insights during your commute, lunch or as you sip your nightcap.

Marie Forleo

Whether you’re struggling to set goals, make decisions or manage people, Marie Forleo will provide a helping hand through her award-winning video series. MarieTV and its accompanying blog posts do not only provide professional guidance for impassioned leaders, but also help you strengthen your personal drive whatever stage of your career you are at.

Marie Forleo began her career as a trading assistant on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Having graduated from Seton Hall University with a degree in business finance, however, she soon launched Marie Forleo International and began coaching small business owners and entrepreneurs. In 2011, Marie was invited by Sir Richard Branson to mentor young entrepreneurs at the Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Marketing Week

Covering almost every discipline, Marketing Week is the go-to source of news and commentary for the 153,000 people who work in the UK’s marketing and advertising sector. Marketing Week is also home to a plethora of webinars from the likes of Salesforce and AdRoll.

Harvard Business Review

Since 1922, the Harvard Business Review has been providing insights on people management, strategic thinking, self-management and marketing. As a subsidiary of Harvard University, HBR is amongst the most respected business-focused publications in the world.

The Harvard Business Review also broadcasts the HBR IdeaCast, a weekly podcast featuring leading thinkers in business and management. The podcast, which now consists of almost 600 episodes, can be streamed on iTunes, Pocketcast and many other podcast apps for free.


As a personal favourite of our founder Ashton Lee Hudson, AdWeek is an essential part of any marketing leader’s arsenal of blogs. AdWeek has a microscope on some of the industry’s most successful campaigns and features in-depth articles on consumer psychology, media innovation and more.

Fistful of Talent

Focused on talent management, FOT covers everything from recruitment to performance optimisation to training and development. Whilst primarily written for HR professionals, it provides invaluable insights for marketing leaders struggling to manage their team and looking to maximise performance.

Fistful of Talent is also home to the SmashUps video series, in which their team sit down with leaders in talent acquisition and management. The monthly videos are available on YouTube and through the FOT website, and should be part of every marketing leader’s YouTube binge.

Marketing Land

For the marketing leader looking to refine their knowledge of digital channels, Marketing Land is an essential read. Beyond its coverage of breaking news, Marketing Land also provides how-to articles on social media marketing, search marketing, email marketing and display advertising.

Seth Godin

Author, entrepreneur, marketer and public speaker Seth Godin is amongst the most respected voices in modern-day marketing. His blog, of course, is just as respected and provides a unique viewpoint on marketing.

Seth Godin, whose book The Purple Cow witnessed worldwide success, also shares his opinions on leadership and insights on personal development. Whatever you’re after, you’re certain to find it in his archive of 2,500+ posts.


With industry-leading research and insights on almost every aspect of digital marketing, no marketing leader can afford to miss out on Econsultancy’s latest articles.  Econsultancy also publishes weekly articles covering the hottest digital marketing stats and news stories from the last week.

Gary Vaynerchuk

From Facebook to YouTube to iTunes, there are few area of the internet where ‘GaryVee’ isn’t dominating. It’s this ability to achieve what seems unachievable that Gary explores on his blog and accompanying YouTube channel.

Gary Vaynerchuk also shares more tactical insights for leaders at all levels. As CEO OF VaynerMedia, a New York-based social media marketing agency, these insights can be applied easily into a marketing department.

Agency Scouts

As the relationships between agencies and brands become increasingly tense, the Agency Scouts blog is becoming an increasingly important part of a marketing leaders reading list. Our founder’s notes also provide a unique point of view on agency selection and management.

These 10 blogs are certain to help you strengthen your strategic thinking, relationship building and people management capabilities. What’s more, they’ll also provide you with marketing insights that can be applied into your next campaign.

Did we miss one of your favourite blogs? Leave a comment below to share it with your fellow marketing leaders and it could be featured in a future article.

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