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With over 25,000 marketing agencies across the UK, finding one to meet the demands of your business can be a stressful endeavour. What’s more, once you’ve found your agency communication, transparency, accountability, efficiency, innovation and results can often dwindle over time. These are the two biggest challenges small and medium-sized businesses face when investing into marketing activities.

Through our agency selection and auditing solutions, we help business leaders and marketing teams avoid the stress that comes with procuring and managing a single agency or larger agency roster. Through our strategic agency selection, we help with each of the essential stages of procurement, such as brief writing, pitching and contract negotiation. Within our agency auditing solution, we help audit the essential aspects of your existing agency. This includes the results they are achieving; their level of communication; their willingness for transparency; how their processes impact efficiency; their ability to offer innovative solutions; and whether their contracts are still appropriate.

Whether looking to procure an agency for the first time or simply maximise the results being achieved with your existing partner, Agency Scouts can help. With the simple goal of helping businesses and agencies grow together, our solutions drive meaningful relationships that offer long-term prosperity for both you and your agency.

Our Mission

Throughout my career I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work as both an in-house marketer relying on agencies to achieve the goals of my employer and agency leader supporting businesses through their day-to-day marketing challenges. In this time, I’ve come to discover the incredible impact strong client-agency relationships can have on small and medium sized businesses achieving their goals.

Throughout the past three years, however, growing distrust has formed between businesses and their agency partners due to breakdowns in communication, transparency and accountability. Partly caused by agencies overcomplicating the marketing landscape and their clients continued demands for reduced fees, I for one believe that this is unsustainable for both businesses and agencies across the United Kingdom.

The level of distrust was highlighted in a recent study, which found that 58% of marketers believe their agencies are charging over the odds. Another study, however, showed agency remuneration is at its lowest level ever, at just under 6% of total marketing spend. These studies, along with industry-wide commentary, reveal a major issue that neither agencies nor businesses can combat alone.

Agency Scouts aims to simplify the landscape for businesses looking to procure partners through our thorough agency selection solution. We also aim to maximise results for those already working with an agency by improving communication, transparency, accountability, efficiency, innovation and results through our agency auditing solution. All the while, we’re committed to offering solutions that allow for the level of agility marketing demands today.

With a deep belief in the benefits agencies can offer and passion for helping small and medium sized businesses flourish, we maintain a simple yet definitive mission at Agency Scouts – to help businesses and agencies grow together. At the same time, Agency Scouts are ardent in providing the cost effectiveness and flexibility required so that businesses of all sizes and non-for-profit organisations can work with Agency Scouts to find their perfect match and maximise results.

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